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Finding Housing in Logan

Finding Housing in Logan If you’re new to Cache Valley finding housing can seem difficult but with the right tools it doesn’t have to be! First of all let’s talk about the geography of the valley. Cache Valley covers a lot of area and Logan is just a part of it. Most [...]

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Fitness on Campus

Fitness on Campus As a grad student, it is easy to for you to put yourself as a last priority but it is important to make sure you are staying healthy. USU has provided several ways to do this, including the HPER and ARC. Located on 700 N, the fitness centers are free to students [...]

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New Student Checklist

New Student Checklist As you prepare to begin your graduate career at Utah State University, there are some things you’ll want to get done before your first day. Some of these are important to complete as soon as possible, while others can be done at any time and will help you get more [...]

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USU Student Services

USU Student Services As a graduate student you are likely very involved with your Graduate Program Coordinator and your faculty advisor(s), but you may not be aware of some other important resources available to you as a student at Utah State. Below are some key places to find extra help on campus:  Academic Resources: Academic Success Center: Specialists in [...]

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Breakfast in Logan

Breakfast Spots in Logan  For a town on the small side, one thing Logan isn’t lacking in is breakfast options. There are many across town, and while you could go to a well-known chain, why not try something local? Here are some you can stop at on your way to campus or for a sit-down [...]

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Discover the Right Pizzeria for You

Pizzerias in Logan, UT Some say that a student couldn’t survive without the regular meal of pizza. If there is one thing in Logan that there is not a lack of, it is pizza restaurants. Each pizzeria has its charms, so consult this list to solve all family disputes and make sure your pizza needs are fulfilled.   [...]

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Top Family Activities in Logan

Activities in Logan for Families Logan has many fun activities to help keep kids occupied during the whole year. Take some time away from your long graduate hours to make memories with your family!   First Saturdays at the Anthropology Museum  You can visit the Anthology Museum on the second floor of Old Main [...]

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Congrats to our 2018 Graduates!

2018 Graduation Congrats to all our graduates! This year, commencement took place Friday, May 4 at the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum. We honored 945 Masters Graduates and 94 Doctorate graduates. We loved having the chance to recognize our graduates who have worked so hard to complete their degrees.   This year, Honorary Doctorates were [...]

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Look Here For #GradGuidance Inspiration

#GradGuidance Inspiration Advice from grad students to grad students to help you make the most of your graduate school experience posted on the USU Graduate Student social media each week.   "Having an appropriate study environment available (until midnight) where I could study alone or in groups and focus uninterrupted for long periods of [...]

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5 Social Media Pages to Improve Your Time at USU

5 Social Media Pages to Improve Your Time at USU Want to stay in the know on USU news and events? Follow these five social media accounts to be updated and make the most of your USU experience.  Dining Services        Twitter: @UtahStateDining        Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/utahstatedining/        Instagram: @utahstatedining    Follow the Dining Services account for updates [...]

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