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Combat the Cold with Warm Treats in Logan

Warm Up with the Best Treat Spots in Logan Waffle Iron  Looking for a place to inspire you while eating a delicious, fresh waffle? Head to the Waffle Iron. The atmosphere will get your creativity flowing and there is a wide variety of options for waffle toppings. You can even try your liege waffle with ice [...]

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The Game of Curling in Cache Valley

The Game of Curling in Cache Valley In 2002 Natural Resources professor, Douglas Jackson-Smith, picked up curling as he was looking for a lower impact sport he could play because of previous injuries. He started a USU Curling Club which quickly grew and eventually became a PE class (PE 1680) that students can take [...]

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Emily Virgin, College of Science PDRF

Emily Virgin, College of Science PDRF Emily Virgin has been interested in reptiles since she was a child. Her father would save frogs, salamanders and toads in a bucket for her when she was young. This love brought her to become a Biology student at USU.   She graduated from Northern Illinois University with a [...]

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Ryan Choi, College of Natural Resources PDRF

Ryan Choi, College of Natural Resources PDRF Whether it’s working as a fisheries observer on the Bering Sea during the winter in 15-20 foot seas or taking a 100-day hike through the deserts from the Colorado Plateau to Zions National Park, Ryan Choi seems drawn to adventure. The last three years Ryan has spent 5 months out [...]

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Surviving Winter in Logan

Winter in Logan If you know what to do and where to go in Cache Valley, winter can be one of the best seasons of the year. Here are some fun activities to do as the snow falls. Go Skiing or Snowboarding at Beaver Mountain or Cherry Peak Utah is said to have the best snow on earth, so [...]

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Stress Management

Managing Stress During the End of the Semester and Beyond The end of the semester is a stressful time. Whether you’re finishing your degree or still have a long way to go, things can seem overwhelming and stress can just keep building. Some stress is a normal part of life, pushing you to [...]

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Beth Shirley, College of Humanities and Social Sciences PDRF

Beth Shirley, College of Humanities and Social Sciences PDRF Beth’s emphasis is, in her words, not “floofy” writing; it’s purely technical communication with a focus on “non-human actors as having rhetorical agency” and her goal is to help scientists better communicate their findings so that they are accessible and digestible to the public. [...]

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Tips for Grad Student Health

Tips for Grad Student Health As the weather turns colder and the days get darker, it is easy to feel as if everyone is getting sick. You may feel the stress of the finalizing the semester, or are just having a hard time finding time to take care of yourself in the busyness [...]

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TEDxUSU: Movement Recap

TEDxUSU: Movement The long-awaited TEDxUSU 2017 event took place last Friday and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Nine speakers from USU (8 professors and 1 grad student) gave their talks from the brand new stage in the beautiful Daine’s Concert Hall here on campus. From artistic forms like dance to creating [...]

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Fall in Logan

Fall in Logan Looking to make the most of the Cache Valley fall weather? Here are some ways to take advantage of all the things Logan has to offer this season. Hike in Logan Canyon Bundle up and take in all the beautiful colors of the changing leaves up Logan Canyon. Take a look [...]

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