Past Awardees

2021 Recipient
Education & Human Services Juan Estrada
2021 College Nominees    
Agriculture & Applied Sciences Michael Clayton  
Engineering Eileen Lukans  
Art Sarah Hamatake  
Science William Tidwell  
Humanities & Social Sciences Rachel Bryson  
Education & Human Services Juan Estrada  
Natural Resources Martinique Chavez & Manny May  
2020 Recipient
Natural Resources  John McLaren
2020 College Nominees    
Agriculture & Applied Sciences April Litchford  
Engineering Yuzhen Luo  
Art Megan Thomas  
Science Tyler Bowles  
Humanities & Social Sciences Sharon Lyman  
Education & Human Services Jay Hinnenkamp  
Natural Resources John McLaren  
2018 Awardees    
Agriculture & Applied Sciences Joseph Furse  
Engineering Sarah Lopez  
Art Christopher Watt  
Science Sandra Lundell  
Humanities & Social Sciences Jessica Cushenberry  
Education & Human Services Charles Frye  
Natural Resources Erika Blomdahl  
2017 Awardees    
Agriculture & Applied Sciences Rose Judd-Murray  
Engineering Laura Gelles  
Art Madeline Walker  
Science Ian McGahan  
Humanities & Social Sciences Sherena Huntsman  
Education & Human Services Logan Lyons  
Natural Resources Forrest Schoessow  
2016 Awardees
Agriculture & Applied Sciences Scott Bartholomew Applied Sciences, Technology & Education
Engineering Chase Paterson Biological Engineering
Art Nicholas Manning Music
Engineering Dalon Work Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Science Jesse Hicks Mathematics and Statistics
Humanities & Social Sciences Deanna Allred English
Education & Human Services Bryan Spuhler Human Development and Family Studies
Natural Resources Jarod Raithel Wildland Resources
2015 Awardees    
Agriculture & Applied Sciences Jacqueline LaRose Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences
Art Suzanne Fluty Art & Design
Science Andrew Durso Biology
Humanities & Social Sciences James Singer Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology
Education & Human Services Theresa Kohlmeier Special Education & Rehabilitation
Natural Resources Erica Hansen Wildland Resources
2014 Awardees  
Trevor Robinson Agriculture & Applied Sciences
Joshua Kuensting Art
James Odei Science
Trisha Jo Haber Humanities & Social Sciences
Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood Education & Human Services
Ashley D’Antonio Natural Resources


2013 Awardees    
Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Gina Baldazzi  Management Information Systems
College of Agriculture  Ben George  Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning 
College of Science  Jeffrey Hazboun Physics
Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services Gisela Martiz Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences 
S.J. and Jesse E. Quinney College of Natural Resources Jonathan Meyer Watershed Sciences
Caine College of the Arts  Louis Reilly Art and Design
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Diantha Smith English
Engineering Pedro Tejada Computer Science