Project Description

Krishna Borhara

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

Plants, Soils and Climate

Krishna Borhara was born and raised in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania where she lived for the first 20 years of her life. Her grandparents emigrated from India to Tanzania before her parents were born, making her a second-generation Tanzanian. She grew up surrounded by integrated Indian and African cultures that became part of her identity. As a high school student, she studied science and became an avid reader. Neither of her parents had the opportunity to finish high school education due to unstable political situations that forced them to temporarily relocate outside the country for a more secure environment. However, education was valued above all other achievements in her family and her parents sacrificed a lot to provide better lives for her and her brother, who became the first two members of their family to attend college. She came to the US for the first time in fall 2009 to pursue undergraduate studies and later a master’s degree in Ohio. In fall 2016, she moved from Ohio to Utah and started a PhD in Geology at Utah State University where she studied earthquake science. Three years later, she switched majors and advisors and transferred to plant, soils and climate department to study climate science and meteorology.