Project Description

Megen Kepas

College of Science


Megen Kepas is a doctoral student in the Department of Biology, pursuing study in herpetology under the guidance of Dr. Alan H. Savitzky. Her work integrates morphology, physiology and genetics, and applies them to the study of snakes that have evolved resistance to toad toxins.

During her time at USU, Kepas has served as an instructor of multiple courses and has developed a strong teaching background. Having come from a socioeconomic background atypical for many graduate students, Kepas draws on her personal experiences to bolster her teaching and connect with students from varied backgrounds. She understands many students manage critical responsibilities beyond campus and strives to maintain an inclusive environment. Kepas makes every effort to ensure a safe and equitable teaching space in both in-person and online classrooms. She approaches topics from multiple angles to accommodate her students’ varied learning styles. Kepas says her main teaching objective is to encourage students to think as researchers, by allowing them to ask their own questions and pursue answers with guidance.

Following graduation, Kepas plans to pursue a professorship at a research institution. As a faculty member, she aims to develop a program in integrative organismal biology that focuses on herpetological diversity. Kepas hopes to apply the teaching skills and background she’s acquired to the development of her own courses.