Project Description

Application for Candidacy (ACDD)

Students Who Need This Form

Due Date

As soon as you finish your comprehensive exams and at least three months prior to your final defense.

 Signatures Needed

  • Major professor/Advisor
  • Committee members
  • Department head
  • Student


Submit an Application for Candidacy after your dissertation proposal is approved, all regulatory approvals are complete and you pass your comprehensive exam.

All students who began a doctoral degree program after July 2013 are required to take USU 6900, Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training. Any doctoral student who was supported on a grant from the National Science Foundation after 2010 is required to take the RCR training.

For updates on IRB regulations and to determine whether your research requires IRB approval, visit the IRB website.

If the research requires IRB or IACUC approval, the student must download a copy from DocuSign of this form after it has been signed by all committee members and submit a copy of the document in Protis under the ‘Students, Dates, and Funding’ tab, where it requests a signed copy of the proposal cover page. NOTE: the student can log into DocuSign and determine if all committee members have signed the form, and download a copy of the form (pdf format) even through the form has not yet been initialed by the IRB or signed by the Graduate School.

The Application for Candidacy, signed by all members of your committee and the department head, attests that you are ready to conduct independent dissertation research.

The student, major professor, committee members, department head, School of Graduate Studies dean and, if needed, the IRB office will receive an email notification from DocuSign, an electronic signature service, to review and approve the Application for Candidacy.

Once all signatures are obtained electronically, all parties will receive a final email from DocuSign with a completed form.