Finding Your Niche at USU

Rock climbing in Logan Canyon

It can be hard to balance the workload of research, teaching, sleep, nutrition and still find time for a social life. But, finding students with similar interests is a great way to meet people and unwind.

Outdoor Activities and Sports

Outdoor programs rents canoes, yurts, mountain bikes, camping equipment, kayaks and wetsuits to students. They also have group trips throughout the summer.

Adventure Out is a group of students that plans activities throughout the year. Keep posted on their events by visiting their Facebook page.

Aggie Climbing Club If you are looking for a group to climb outdoors, check out this student club.

Inter-mural Sports While the tennis courts, volleyball courts and soccer fields are always open for use if you would like to join a team and compete in tournaments you should definitely look into this.

Multicultural Clubs and Events

The USU Access and Diversity Center has a variety of multicultural clubs and events! One student favorite is the Soul Food Dinner that the Black Student Union hosts. You can also enjoy traditional dance, clothing and food at the annual Pow Wow and Spring Luau. If you like to dress up, the Gender Blender is a fun event where students enjoy a night of dressing up or dressing down as either gender. These activities occur during the school year and each club has regular meetings.

Spiritual Groups

Spiritual and religious beliefs can be a core part of a student’s life.  Regardless of your beliefs, you may be interested in the discussions at the LDS Institute, the Interfaith Student Alliance, which encompasses many religions, or the Utah State Secular Student Alliance, which discusses atheist, agnostic, free-thinking and humanist perspectives.

Political Groups

As the election approaches, you’ll see a lot of activity among the USU Democrat and USU Republican student groups. So check out their Facebook pages to stay up to date on their events.

Other Clubs and Groups

If none of those caught your interest, don’t worry. There is a plethora of clubs on campus; including the Guitar Club, Meditation Club, Entrepreneur Club and more. Note that not all USU clubs are on the USUSA site, so check out the college and department websites for more opportunities.