Where to Find the Best Coffee in Logan

Image of coffee cup

Wondering where to get the best cup? All of these places will fuel you, as well as give you a place to work on your assignments, either alone or with friends.

Caffé Ibis

Café Ibis is one of the main coffee providers across the valley, including on campus. If you’re just looking for a cup of one of their blends, they’re pretty easy to find, but if you want a place to sit and study, you can visit them on Federal Avenue. Café Ibis has a cozy atmosphere perfect for your early morning (or any time) study sessions. In addition to great coffee, Café Ibis is near a lot of interesting, unique shops and restaurants on Federal Avenue, like Lucky Slice, Spirit Goat, Earthly Awakenings, and Le Nonne. It’s the perfect place to grab a cup of something warm (or cold) to wake you up so you can explore historic downtown Logan

West Side Coffee Company

Westside is the other café in town, on the other side of main street. Located behind the Logan Library on 1st West, Westside has a “Guest Roaster of the Month” meaning they’ll almost always have something new for you to try. They also serve breakfast and acai bowls, and a side selection of Italian soda. A breakfast and Lunch menu are also available, with breakfast tacos, pastries, and more. Since Westside is built inside a house, the atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, with plenty of both indoor and outdoor seating you can use (depending on the weather).


If you’ve been in Logan for a while, you’ll remember the old Jitters location on Main Street. After closing its doors for nine months, Jitters is back! While it’s no longer at that spot, you can still find the same coffee at Johnny O’s Spudnuts down the street. It’s still the same great menu just in a new location, and now you can add on a spudnut to your morning order.

Even Stevens

Maybe not be the first place to come to mind when you’re looking for coffee, Even Stevens makes its way onto this list because it gives free coffee to students with a student ID. Located right on main street, Even Stevens’s menu consists of gourmet sandwiches and breakfast options served all day. It is a restaurant instead of a coffee shop, but the free coffee is hard to beat, and you can grab one of their grad breakfast burritos while you’re there too.

The Crêpery 

Owned by a former USU interior design grad student, the Crêpery has a collection of interesting and eclectic decor to settle down for a morning or afternoon with. Once again, this is actually a restaurant that serves both sweet and savory crepes, but they also have a coffee menu, as well as other drinks like fresh lemonade and Italian sodas. If you’re not in the mood for coffee, their hot chocolate is made with Nutella and is a great alternative.

Where is your favorite place for a cup of coffee? Is there anywhere we missed? Let us know!

Writer: Abby Stewart | School of Graduate Studies | abby.stewart@usu.edu