Looking for a way to cool off this summer?

Bear Lake Utah

If you’re looking for a way to escape the summer heat, check out these nearby lakes, springs, and reservoirs. You can also check out Outdoor Programs to see their upcoming trips.

Bear Lake

Enjoy swimming, jet skiing, boating, sailing, and hanging out on the beach at Bear Lake. There are multiple shores, some are free and others charge a day use fee. While you are there you should also try the famous Bear Lake raspberry shakes. Bear Lake is the perfect activity for a casual day on the beach.

Oneida Narrows

The gorgeous views while floating the Oneida Narrows, make this one of the best water activities. You can rent tubes and air pumps at the OP or bring your own.  There are different starting points depending on how long you would like to float. It is about a one and a half hour ride down the river. The best time to go is between mid-June and August when the weather is warm. This is a great way to escape the heat and hang out with friends, coworkers, lab-mates, or anyone else who enjoys floating.

Maple Grove Mineral Hot Springs

The beautiful scenic Maple Grove Hot Springs offer a fun way to enjoy the water during any season. The air dramatically cools down at night during the summer, and you can see fish jumping and hummingbirds during the day. These hot springs offer a unique outdoor experience. A river flows about 100 ft away, so you can jump in and cool off. Bring your own snacks and drinks, or make a snack stop in Franklin, Idaho because you will be a fair distance from any towns once you are at the springs.

Porcupine Reservoir

Only 30 minutes from Logan, Porcupine Reservoir is a popular spot for fishing, boating, canoes, and camping. There is a well-known cliff jumping spot here, but make sure the water level is high enough before you jump!

Tony Grove

Tony Grove is a beautiful lake known for the explosion of wildflowers that bloom in early July. The lake is surrounded by campgrounds, picnic areas and hikes. Don’t forget to check out White Pine Lake, which is a three and a half mile hike up! There are camping spots at White Pine, so it is great for a short backpacking trip. It is generally a little cooler at Tony Grove, and the temperature fluctuates so bring a jacket. The views are great for hikers and people stay near the lake for a picnic.