Pizzerias in Logan, UT

Some say that a student couldn’t survive without the regular meal of pizza. If there is one thing in Logan that there is not a lack of, it is pizza restaurants. Each pizzeria has its charms, so consult this list to solve all family disputes and make sure your pizza needs are fulfilled.  


Factory Pizzeria 

This pizzeria is hip and cool. It is found in the lower level of the Thompson Electric Supply building and serves up Sicilian style (aka deep dish) pizza. If you are looking for a place to watch the big game, drink some beer, and eat delicious pizza, Factory Pizzeria is the place. 

What the internet says: 

“This tavernesque pizza parlor offers a very interesting take on pizza. The basement location make you feel like you’re in a great college town eatery, which it certainly is.” -FranklinWinchester on tripadvisorFranklinWinchester on tripadvisor  

BONUS TIP: This pizzeria is notorious on campus for its nachos. 


Pier 49 

Pier 49 is a little pricier, but has many awesome specialty options. The whole menu is themed San Francisco, so it almost feels like you can feel the ocean breeze as you stand in line attempting to choose from the many varieties of toppings.   

“No one else around here has the wonderful handmade California style sourdough bread crust that is so light and fluffy. Fantastic specialty pizzas. Not to mention it is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the valley, with a full-wall original oil mural and booths that look like the famous “painted lady” houses in San Francisco.” -freakyfebruary on tripadvisorfreakyfebruary on tripadvisor 

BONUS TIP: There are many gluten free options! 



A classic go-to pizza chain. You know what it is. If you are craving a slice late at night, Dominoes may be your pick because it is open until 1 a.m. 

What the internet says: 

“How can you go wrong with Dominos? The pizza is fine for a delivery/chain store. The menu selection with their specials is fantastic. Their employees are always friendly.” -Scott C. on Yelp 

BONUS: There are two locations in town so if you are ordering online, double check you show up at the right location.  


Frederico’s Pizza 

Because it is located so close to campus, this may be the best option for a lunch or study break. It is a well-known staple of Logan and has been around for many years.   

What the internet says: 

“Their pepperoni and ham pizza is the best I’ve ever had. They also have amazing garlic bread. The wait can be long sometimes, but it’s well worth it!” -Jeff H. on Yelp 

BONUS: People are crazy about the ham and cheese salads. 


Pizza Plus 

This pizza joint is actually in Hyrum, but worth the drive if you are looking for great place to stop while on an adventure to or from Hyrum Reservoir or Porcupine Reservoir.   

What the internet says:  

“We always call in for pick up.  No matter who answers the phone they are always polite & friendly & the order is always correct!  Not to mention they have terrific pizza and extras.  Fantastic local pizzeria!” -Arleen M. 

BONUS: Try the “Famous” Cheese breadsticks.  


Pizza Hut 

Another classic.  

What the internet says:  

“This place wasn’t too bad, even for a chain. The restaurant is fairly clean and the pizza was also very predictable as far as what you would expect from a Pizza Hut. The last time I was there, my pizza was done on time and just how I like it.” – Todd F. on Yelp 

BONUS: Also located close to campus and less popular than Fredrico’s, so you likely will have little wait.s, so you likely will have little wait. 


Lucky Slice: 

Lucky Slice has a great college atmosphere and is a great place to spend some time and chat. This is also one of the few places you can buy pizza by the slice. The pizza is delicious and the staff is cool.  

What the internet says: “I would highly recommend to anyone! My wife and I stopped by about 6:30 on a Friday evening and there was no wait. I got the Carnivore and Fire Island. Both were really good! The pizza is delicious! It’s thin (New York style) but the slices are HUGE! Each slice we got had to be put on a separate plate The atmosphere is awesome. Chill, indie music playing, retro cartoons playing on one TV, an arcade game, super friendly staff. Good vibes all around. I will be back for sure!” -Trevor F. on Yelp 

BONUS: Great vegan options available. Even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian you might want to try out these pizzas.  


Papa Murphy’s 

This Take ’N’ Bake is a great option if you don’t have time pick up pizza right before your big event. Just put the pizza in your fridge and pop it in your oven half an hour before everyone comes over. Your house will smell great and the pizza tastes much better than frozen pizza.  

What the internet says: “A great choice for high quality ingredients. Much better than typical pre-cooked pizza. They have a good variety of toppings. This location was recently remodeled.” – Evan Hillman, local guide on Google  

Bonus: If you are driving to this location, try to come from the south side of town. The left turn into the small parking lot can be tricky. 


Fox’s Den  

What the internet says: 

“I consider Fox’s a midrange pizza place. Not the best, but you get a lot for the money and it does taste pretty good. The Stromboli’s are HUGE and quite filling. They have a giant pizza option which is fun for clubs or groups. My fellow students had a blast eating the thing during one of our meetings and it still gets talked about years later. This place is worth giving a try.” – Habbrock from tripadvisorHabbrock from tripadvisor 

BONUS: Grab a bunch of friends and attempt to eat the giant pizza. Fox’s Den is also available during basketball games in the Spectrum. 


Papa John’s 

Another classic.  

What the internet says: 

“We have had great experiences both times we ordered. Not only was the food on time and hot, but the guy answering the phones was SO nice! He really went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service! Both times we have received Exactly what we ordered, within the timeframe expected. We will continue ordering from here.” -Alex P. 

BONUS: This pizzeria offers half-price pizza when the Jazz win!  


Jack’s Wood Fired Oven 

Jack’s is a Logan local favorite. The pizza options are different but delicious. You can see your pizza being made in the kitchen and the ambiance is beautiful. This is a great first date spot!  

What the internet says:  

“The atmosphere is fantastic with the old button-tufted booths, exposed brick, and checkered floors. It seems there are parts of each of the businesses that historically occupied this space still represented here. The pizza was even better. We had the pig & peach and man it was delicious. When it comes to pizza I usually prefer traditional flavors but this one really knocked my socks off. We also got the Lyon bread, and enjoyed its simplicity when combined with the marinara. Needless to say there were no leftovers. I really want to come back here. The service was super friendly too.” -Brian B. from Yelp 

BONUS: Check out live music on the weekends.  


Pizza Pie Café 

Pizza Pie is the only buffet style pizzeria in town. One of the great things about Pizza pie is its community engagement. Look for one of the many events that the restaurant hosts as they are fun and often include a reduced buffet price! 

What the internet says: 

“Many pizza types to choose from, by the slice, unlimited, Good salad bar, Pastas and several sauces, including alfredo. They have music playing, but not so loud that you can’t have a conversation. Drink refills. Dessert pizzas. Overall a great place to go and enjoy all you want of pizza, pasta, salad and drinks. Booth style sitting. There is also a large room with tables and chairs that could accommodate a larger group. -ddobowen from tripadvisor 

BONUS: Follow their Facebook page for updates on events and specials. 


Firehouse Pizza 

Firehouse pizza has become a staple in Northern Utah and has many locations that all differ in menu. Giant pizza is an option, so if you are feeling really hungry, grab some friends and order the 36’’ Monster Pizza.  

What the internet says: 

“Best Pizzaria in the Valley! I’ve eaten there for almost a decade and still is my favorite place for sandwiches, calzones, and faccacia bread.”- Blake on Facebook  

BONUS: Try out the FH’zzookie for a real treat.  


Little Caesar’s  

For those of us who may not have much cash in the bank, Little Caesar’s is the go to.   

What the internet says: 

“I had a truckload of teenagers to feed (no really, an entire massive van full of them) and these guys were nearby and got me copious amounts of pizza, and fast. It was piping hot and ready out of the oven after I waited for just a few minutes. They teenagers were satisfied, happy, full of food, and ready to get back to adventuring. That’s a win, in my book. Is it the best pizza? Not by a longshot. But it’s utility pizza. It fills the lunch void.” – Jeffrey S. on Yelp 

 BONUS: Before you buy, take a look at the events schedule and see if there is a chance for free pizza on campus. Many organizations on campus get their refreshments from Little Caesar’s. 


Writer: Bentlee Rice | Office of Research and Graduate Studies | bentlee.rice@usu.edu