How to Make the Most of the USU Library 

A staple of grad school is the ridiculous amount of time sent at the library, studying or pretending to study. But did you know that in addition to all the physical books that can be found at the library, there are a whole list of other resources that are available for free to students?


As a student, you have access to all the databases on the library website. They are categorized by college and subject, so it’s easy to find exactly the database you’re looking for. You can access any of them on the university Wi-Fi, or from home by logging in with your A-number and password. Access the databases here:


One lesser-known resource the library offers is the ability to talk with a librarian to help with your research. Each college has a librarian dedicated to their subject. They are available to help you find sources, develop research topics, and more research help. You can find out which librarian is your expert by searching the subject at:

Materials for rent

Yes, the library has book that you can check out, but did you know it has lots of other items too? In addition to the desktop computers available in the labs, they also have PC and Mac laptops, IPads, calculators, VR equipment, and chargers available for all students to check out. Checking these items out are free for a few hours or days, depending on what it is. But be sure to return them on time, or you’ll get a late fee! You can check these items out with your student ID at the circulation desk.

Other technology at the library

The library has multiple desktop computers that anyone can use. Printers, scanners, and copiers are also all on the main floor. In addition to these free resources, you have access to other technology like 3D printers and pens, and media converters for a small fee.  Just talk to the circulation desk to see what they have.

Interlibrary Loan and requesting materials

If our library doesn’t have the physical or digital resource you need, you can probably find it through the interlibrary loan system. For digital materials, transfer can take less than a few days or even a few hours, while physical materials will take longer. You can have documents delivered to your email, or books straight to your house if you live outside of Cache Valley.

Writing center

If you need help with an assignment, the writing center in the library is open to all. Writing tutors can check your grammar, help with structure, or just help you smooth over your writing. The writing center is open from 9:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. You can book an appointment on their website.  (

For more information about these and other services, check out

Writer: Abby Stewart | Office of Research and Graduate Studies |