Project Description

Graduate Student Leave of Absence/Continuous Registration (LOA/CR)

Access Form

Students Who Need This Form

Any graduate (master’s or doctoral) student who plans to take a leave of absence during their program of study. Undergraduate students need to go through the Student Orientation and Transition Services site.

Due Date

No specified due date.

Signatures Needed

  • Student
  • Department head
  • Financial aid counselor or Office of Global Engagement
  • Vice Provost of Graduate Studies


This form is only for graduate (doctoral and master’s) students. Undergraduate students should use the Student Orientation and Transition Services site.

Submit this form if you are not going to be registered for any spring or fall semester. Depending on your reason for not registering, you must select either “Leave of Absence” or “Continuous Registration”.

Leave of Absence

A leave of absence, during which you are not required to register for graduate credits, may be granted under the following circumstances:

  • Illness, required military service, or other extenuating circumstances
  • Lack of availability of courses on an approved Program of Study at a regional campus or via Distance Education
  • An approved Program of Study that is based primarily on summer semester courses

A leave of absence must be approved by the department head and the dean of graduate studies. A leave of absence may be the basis for extending the time limit to complete a degree program, but not to extend the time limit for course validity.

Continuous Registration

If your reason for not registering is not due to one of the three circumstances listed above, your absence is classified as continuous registration. In this case, the continuous registration fee of $100 per semester (fall and spring) will be assessed to your student account.

What if I am a Graduate Certificate/Endorsement student?

  • No action is required to take a leave of absence, however,
  • You should notify your department that you will be taking a leave from your studies.
  • To return and register, email
Complete Withdrawal

If you are completely withdrawing from your graduate program, please email with your name and A-number. The School of Graduate Studies will process your request and contact you when your file has been closed.

Final Course Drop

If you need to drop your final course, please email with the following information. The date of that email will be the date your course drop is processed.

  • Name
  • A-number
  • Course number
  • Degree program
  • Whether you are completing a Leave of Absence or Continuous Registration

If you are only dropping a final course in summer semester, you do not need to file a Leave of Absence/Continuous Registration form. If you are dropping a final course in fall or spring, you must file for Leave of Absence or Continuous Registration.

The process of dropping a final course takes time. The School of Graduate Studies must first contact the Financial Aid Office with the requested drop date. Financial Aid with then contact the School of Graduate Studies when they complete their review. The School of Graduate Studies will contact you when the course has been dropped.

If you have questions about drop deadlines or tuition/fees, please contact the Registrar’s Office at or (435) 797-1116.