Required Master’s Plan B Forms Timeline

Talk to your graduate program coordinator (GPC) and follow the process below to submit forms required for all Master’s Plan B students.

Review the full list of Master’s Plan B forms for other forms you may need to submit.

Step 1

Submit the Supervisory Committee Approval form by the end of your second semester.

Step 2

If your report/creative project or department requires the Thesis Proposal Approval form, submit it by the end of your second semester, after you submit the Supervisory Committee Approval form, successfully defend your thesis proposal and submit all regulatory approvals. Your thesis defense is scheduled after the Thesis Proposal Approval form is accepted.

Step 3

Submit the Program of Study form by the end of your second or third semester.

Step 4

Submit the Appointment for Exam form at least 10 business days before your final defense. All previous forms (Supervisory Committee form, Thesis/Project Approval, and Program of Study) must be approved before the Appointment for Exam can be processed.

Step 5

Your GPC will submit the Record of Exam form after your exam. You must not handle the Record of Exam form once it is completed.

Step 6

Submit your thesis to the library when you and your professor agree that it is ready for publication.