Required Professional/Plan C Forms Timeline

Talk to your graduate program coordinator (GPC) and follow the process below to submit forms required for all Professional/Plan C students.

Review the full list of Professional/Plan C forms for other forms you may need to submit.

Step 1

If your department requires the Supervisory Committee Approval form, submit it by the end of your second semester.

Step 2

Submit the Program of Study form by the end of your second or third semester.

Step 3

Notify your graduate program coordinator of your intent to graduate. Your GPC will submit your student information to the School of Graduate Studies.

Step 4

Near the end of your final semester, the School of Graduate Studies will send you an email with the Commencement Information Survey, which must be completed to participate in commencement.

Step 5

Your GPC will submit your Letter of Completion to the School of Graduate Studies, confirming you met all department requirements and are eligible for final review. Your degree will be awarded after final review.