Supplemental Language Tuition Form


Facility in a language other than English can be an important tool for study in some disciplines. Source materials in the humanities and in the arts may exist only in other languages, and the increasingly international nature of collaboration across all disciplines may enhance the value provided by the ability to speak a second language.

The School of Graduate Studies has established a limited fund to cover tuition for foreign language coursework that is included on an approved graduate Program of Study, indicating your supervisory committee determined the language training is integral to your degree program.

Given that determination, the School of Graduate Studies will allocate dollars from the limited fund to support the cost of tuition for foreign language coursework that is not supported by tuition pool dollars allocated to colleges and departments.

Due Date

No specified due date.

Students Who Need This Form

Any student who wants to seek tuition assistance to support their graduate degree with foreign language coursework which is included on an approved Program of Study.

Signatures Needed

  • Student
  • Advisor
  • Department head
  • Vice Provost of Graduate Studies