About the School of Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies serves as the central administrative body that promotes, supports, and reviews graduate education at Utah State University to ensure consistency and excellence in all graduate degree programs. The School of Graduate Studies works closely and cooperatively with the central administration, the Graduate Council, the Graduate Student Councilcolleges and academic departments to provide the best possible intellectual and physical environment for graduate student education.

Through the School of Graduate Studies, graduate students will:

  • Obtain focused and comprehensive knowledge in a specific field through classroom instruction, individualized mentoring, research, and innovative educational experiences.
  • Use original ideas and scholarly skills to contribute to the advancement of their field.
  • Develop and practice professional skills so they can integrate and communicate effectively with the scholarly community in their discipline.
  • Be prepared to assume future leadership roles as they disseminate and apply knowledge to address local and global societal needs.
The School of Graduate Studies aims to:

  • Improve and expand facilities, programs, and training opportunities.
  • Attract diverse faculty who have outstanding research and teaching skills.
  • Provide competitive research and personal financial support.
  • Enhance efforts to recruit outstanding graduate students.
  • Enrich the graduate education experience by encouraging quality faculty mentoring and by providing professional development programs.
  • Strengthen graduate programs by conducting routine and comprehensive review and assessment of graduate programs.

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