October 22, 2020 Town Hall

On October 22, the second online open Q&A was held. If you were unable to attend or would like to watch the meeting again, you can do so here or on our YouTube channel. Thanks to those of you who attended, and a special thank you to those who asked questions. We are aware of questions regarding details about graduate student health insurance which couldn’t be answered in full during the webinar, and will be answering them soon, with a specific follow-up FAQ on insurance to be emailed to you in the next few weeks.

If you have any additional questions you would like answered, please email graduateschool@usu.edu.

Town Hall Panelists

francis galey

Francis Galey

richard cutler

Richard Cutler
Interim Vice Provost of Graduate Studies

Janis Boettinger
Acting Vice Provost of Graduate Studies

scott deberrard

Scott DeBerard
Executive Director of Counseling and Health

Eri Bentley
Associate Director of CAPS

Nicole Vouvalis

Nicole Vouvalis
Director of Institutional Review Board

August 27, 2020 Town Hall

On August 27, the first Grad Student Town Hall Meeting was held via Zoom, where Provost Francis Galey, Interim Vice Provost for Graduate Studies Richard Cutler, and Vice Provost for Global Engagement Janis Boettinger discussed concerns and questions from graduate students regarding the upcoming semester and return to campus.

You can review the discussion here or on our YouTube channel.