Current Graduate Student FAQs


What is a graduate program coordinator (GPC)?

GPCs are a critical link between the School of Graduate Studies, departments, and graduate students. They assist graduate students with deadlines, degree completion, and thesis/dissertation requirements. GPCs should be a student’s first point of contact— especially in regard to program-specific and academic requirement questions.

How can I find my graduate program coordinator (GPC)?

Find your GPC.

How do I Register for Classes?

The Registrar’s Office has guides and tutorials on how to register for classes.

How do I register for a variable credit course?

The Registrar’s Office has instructions on how to register for a variable credit course. Students who want to change their credit hours after the semester starts will have to petition for an academic record adjustment

Where do I buy my textbooks and course materials?

Students can buy most of their textbooks and course materials through the USU Campus Store. For more help, visit the Campus Store’s textbook FAQs.

Students can also contact the Library to see if they have any available desk copies.

How can I find out more information about graduate student health insurance?

USU offers medical, vision, and dental insurance for graduate students*. Students can direct further questions to the Student Health and Wellness Center insurance specialist at or (435) 797-3505. 

*Not applicable to online students.

What is a Supervisory Committee Approval Form (SCAF)?

A Supervisory Committee Approval Form confirms the individuals who will serve on your committee.

Your Supervisory Committee Approval Form should be approved before the semester in which you defend. No initial or revised Supervisory Committee forms should be submitted within the six weeks prior to your final defense.

You, your GPC, major professor, committee members, department head, and the vice provost of graduate studies will receive a notification from ServiceNow to review and approve the Supervisory Committee Approval form. Once all the required approvals have been completed, you will receive a notification indicating that your committee has been approved.

For further information, please take a look at the form at the following link: 

Due Date

Master’s students: By the end of your second semester.

Doctoral students: By the end of your third semester.

What if a member of my committee is not an employee of USU?

Outside committee members are permitted if the correct procedures are followed:

  1. The outside committee member will need to obtain an A#.
  2. The student should wait to submit their SCAF until all members have an A#.
  3. The outside committee member must be approved by the student’s department.

What is a Program of Study (POS)?

The Program of Study is a contract between you, your committee and the School of Graduate Studies outlining which courses you will take to meet the School of Graduate Studies requirements and complete your degree program.

Due Date

Enter your Program of Study in DegreeWorks by the end of your second semester if you are a Master's Student, or by the end of your third semester if you are a Doctoral Student, after the Supervisory Committee Approval form has been submitted. 

Processing time varies depending on the volume of Program of Study forms in the queue. 

Please do not wait until your final semester to submit your POS, as it could impede your ability to graduate in a timely manner. 

For further information, please review the form at the following link: