Project Description

Caleb Barton

College of Engineering

Biological Engineering

Caleb Barton is a master’s student in the USU Metabolic Engineering research group with 4 years of teaching assistant experience. Caleb has a passion for teaching that started when he was first chosen to be a teaching assistant for the “SolidWorks for Biological Engineers” course. Since then, he has been responsible for countless review sessions, office hours, and in-class presentations to fuel student success in four biological engineering courses. Caleb is now serving as the instructor for the same “SolidWorks for Biological Engineers” course he started out on.

During his many years of teaching experience, he has placed particular emphasis on building a friendly relationship with each of the students he has had the privilege to mentor. Caleb does his best to be responsive to student needs and has always shown a willingness to respond to feedback and criticism. Caleb works hard to strike a balance between his teaching responsibilities, coursework, research, and home life, and excels in each of these areas. Caleb is inspired by his wife who has taught him much about kindness and compassion in the classroom. In his free time, Caleb likes to play the piano, create homemade tea blends, and spend time in the outdoors.