Project Description

Change Department or Degree

Transfer Request (TR)

Access Transfer Request Form

Students Who Need These Form

Any student who wants to change their graduate department or program.

Due Date

This form must be submitted before submitting a new Supervisory Committee Approval Form.

Signatures Needed

  • Student
  • Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Department Head
  • Vice Provost of Graduate Studies


Use the Department/Degree Change forms if you are currently enrolled as a graduate student and need to change your department or degree program.

NOTE: This form does not indicate that the transfer request has been approved.

Once the decision has been made to accept or deny the transfer request, the Graduate Program Coordinator  should submit the Transfer Request form.

Do not submit this form if you are only changing your master’s plan type (Plan A, Plan B) within a degree program. For that type of change, send an email to Megan Murdock at