Breakfast Spots in Logan 

For a town on the small side, one thing Logan isn’t lacking in is breakfast options. There are many across town, and while you could go to a well-known chain, why not try something local? Here are some you can stop at on your way to campus or for a sit-down brunch.


Herm’s Inn

You can’t have a breakfast-in-Logan list without Herm’s Inn. Placed at the mouth of the canyon, Herm’s is only open until 2 every day, making it the perfect place option for a sit-down breakfast. Because of their limited opening time, you can trust that breakfast is their specialty.  Be warned though, because of its popularity, wait times can get a little long on weekends, though it’s still worth the wait.

1435 Canyon Rd, Logan, UT 84321

Monday-Sunday, 7am to 2pm



Another Logan staple, Angie’s slogan, “Where the locals eat” is true. An old-school diner that is locally owned and operated, Angie’s has been around for over 20 years, and it shouldn’t be missed. With an extensive breakfast menu that’s served all day, Angie’s is perfect for when you want some standard, good old-fashioned breakfast food.

690 N Main St, Logan, UT 84321

Monday – Thursday: 6am to 10pm, Friday – Saturday: 6am to 11pm, Sunday: 6am to 9pm

Crumb Brothers

Crumb Brother’s is a local bakery with a wide variety of bread, pasties, and a café menu. Their coffee from the local Café ibis and their baked-on-site bread is made with flour from local Central Milling. In addition to their all-day breakfast menu, they also have a special Sunday brunch menu that features items only available during those times, as well as a selection from their normal menu.

291 S 300 W, Logan, UT 84321

Closed Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday – Saturday: 7am to 6pm, Sunday Brunch: 9am-3pm



Westside Coffee Company

This new coffee shop is tucked away on 100 West, and not to be missed. The shop is built in an old house, and the homey feel of the place contributes to the comfortable atmosphere. It’s small, but the perfect place to grab a quick bite, or stay and work for a while. Westside is also the home of the Duffin – the donut muffin.

285 N 100 W, Logan, UT 84321

Monday – Sunday: 7am-6pm

Crumb Brothers Utah State University
Even Stevens Utah State University

Even Stevens

Could you eat a sandwich for every meal, including breakfast? Even Stevens has a surprisingly good breakfast menu, with a nod to the college community in the names of their items, like the “grad breakfast burrito”. Though not founded locally, Even Stevens has embraced the college community, and even offers free coffee to students with a USU ID card. Even Stevens also uses their profits to feed the hungry though local non-profits.

131 North Main St. Logan, Utah 84321

Monday-Saturday: 7am to 10pm, Sunday Brunch: 9am to 4pm


Center street grill

Who would have thought a burger place would have good breakfast? For a classic breakfast or a breakfast burrito, Center street grill has a retro vibe and plenty of options on their large breakfast menu.

18 E Center St, Logan, UT 84321

Monday-Thursday: 8am to 9pm, Friday: 8am to 10pm, Saturday: 7am to 10pm, Closed Sunday.

The Crêpery

Founded by a USU interior design professor, decorated by a local artist, The Crêpery recently moved locations to be closer to center street. The Crêpery serves, predictably, crêpes both savory and sweet, as well as coffee, Italian sodas, and hot chocolate. It’s another great place to stay and study, as there is plenty of space to set up shop for a morning of reading and paper-writing.

25 W Center St, Logan, UT 84321

Monday – Saturday: 7am to 10pm, Sunday: 9am to 2pm


Waffle Iron

Competing with the Crêpery is the Waffle Iron, also in downtown Logan. The Waffle Iron features Liege waffles, which you can get with sweet or savory toppings, or with ice cream if you’re in the mood for dessert instead of breakfast. They also have an espresso bar, smoothies, floats, sodas and steamers.

7 W Center St, Logan, UT 84321

Monday -Thursday: 8am to 9pm, Friday-Saturday: 8am to 10pm, Closed Sunday

The Crepery Utah State University


If pancakes are your thing, then Stacked is the place to be. Conveniently located near both the Crêpery and The Waffle Iron, it’s easy to make a morning of it and hit all three! Once again, they have pancakes for both the sweet and savory variety, with toppings from fruit to Nutella to pesto, or a build-your own option, as well as breakfast sandwiches.

31 North Main Street, Logan, Utah 84321

Monday-Thursday: 7am to 9pm, Friday-Saturday: 7am to 11pm, Closed Sunday



Writer: Abby Stewart | Office of Research and Graduate Studies |