Finding Housing in Logan

If you’re new to Cache Valley finding housing can seem difficult but with the right tools it doesn’t have to be! First of all let’s talk about the geography of the valley. Cache Valley covers a lot of area and Logan is just a part of it. Most of the valley is farmland surrounded by mountains on all sides. You will hear of Highway 89 leaving the valley on the south west side referred to as “Sardine Canyon” and leaving the valley on the east towards Bear Lake as “Logan Canyon.”

Cache Valley Utah

While there are students living all over the valley most tend to live in Logan, North Logan, the Island (an area between Logan and River Heights), or River Heights as they are closest to campus. Students also live in Smithfield and areas as far south as Hyrum but housing may be a little more difficult to find there as most of the apartments and student housing are found closer to the university. You may occasionally find housing in Wellsville, Mendon or Benson but those areas are mostly farm land.

Logan and surrounding areas

If you have a car anywhere in the valley is a good option for housing but if you plan to take the city busses (which are free) stick to cities that are along main street as the busses don’t go to the western parts of the valley.

Cache Valley Transit Map

If you don’t have a car or prefer to walk to campus there are several housing options on or adjacent to campus. All of these, with the exception of Aggie Village (located just north of the Logan Cemetery), are for single students only. There are a variety of options in these areas for example some of the on campus housing have the basics (shared rooms bathroom and no kitchen so you can eat on campus) while others have private rooms with swimming pools or food courts. For the most part you will find undergraduate students in the housing closest to campus and it is relatively easy to find housing in these places any time of the year. You can learn more about on campus housing here:

You can also find out more about single housing adjacent to campus at either of these websites:,

Other Apartments in Logan

Another thing to know about the housing close to campus is that frequently the prices are lower in the summer than the school year so be sure to check with your landlord when you sign the contract so you know what to expect when the school year ends.

If you are looking for family housing or housing a little further from campus (perfect for grad students) the best times to look are near the end of the school year (April-May) into the summer. Off campus housing is harder to find during the school year but can be done if you are a single student. If you are married or have a family the best time to look is in the summer. There are several complexes throughout the valley that have openings all year round but if you are looking for something cheaper looking at listings online might be your best option. Try to stay away from Craigslist when looking for housing in Logan as it is rarely used by property owners here and most of the listings are scams. Instead try to look at listings on,,,, or These sites will also show you if pets, smoking, and/or alcohol are allowed on the property.

Housing in Logan City

-Sarah Wardle