There are two pieces to GRCO reporting:

  • Final financial report delineating expenditures, including all receipts (using this form). Note that any unused GRCO funds must be returned to GRCO.
  • Final report that is approximately 2–4 pages summarizing what was done and the results. In addition, please include an impact statement: what did the GRCO Grant do for the student researcher professionally and/or personally.

Submit these reports to the current Graduate Studies Senator ( in the Student Involvement and Leadership Center via the form below.

Reporting Deadlines

The reporting deadline for grants awarded in 2019 is April 27, 2020. Failure to close out the GRCO grant officially can result in holds being placed on records. Any extensions to these deadlines should be requested via e-mail to the Graduate Studies Senator ( with a rationale for the extension and a projected completion date.