Teaching Assistant Training

Teaching assistant training helps students who will be teaching prepare for their position as TA. This training is required for graduate students who have been awarded or are pursuing a teaching assistantship.

USU 7920 is mandatory for all teaching assistants. Students must be registered before their funding will be processed. If you have any questions, contact the instructor, Erika Beckstrand at erika.beckstrand@usu.edu.

This class is online and is offered every semester.

International students must also take the International Teaching Assistants Workshop, which is only offered at the beginning of fall semester.

USU 7920: All Teaching Assistants and Graduate Instructors

USU 7920 is required for all graduate students who have been awarded or are pursuing a teaching assistantship and must be completed before the student’s EPAF is approved.

The course is a 0-credit, online class that is graded pass/fail. No incompletes are allowed for this course.

The training will address Utah State University policies and procedures and provide students with information about campus resources.

Passing the course does not guarantee a TA position. Departments are responsible for granting teaching assistantships and making sure these students are registered for this course. The workshop only needs to be completed once. Students may continue to work as TAs during future semesters once they have passed the class.

Registration for USU 7920 is through Banner, like traditional courses. If you have any questions about registration for USU 7920, reach out to your graduate program coordinator. There is no fee for this training.

IELI 7920: International Students

International students with teaching assistantships and graduate instructor assistantships are required to take both USU 7920 and IELI 7920. IELI 7920 will introduce international students to American teaching and classroom culture and familiarize them with the resources available at USU to help them improve their teaching skills.

The course is an online, 0-credit training course offered via Canvas. It does not show up in Banner or on the student’s transcript. International students with teaching assistantships and graduate instructor assistantships are required to register for the course and complete the course materials; failure to complete the course will result in a hold on the student’s account that will not be removed until the course is completed. The course is only offered at the beginning of the semester, so students must be attentive to the dates they register for.

Registration for the fall 2022 course is open, and students can self-enroll via links provided below. If at that point students have questions, they can reach out to their department’s graduate program coordinator.

It is recommended that this course is taken during an international student’s first semester at USU. Passing the course does not guarantee a teaching assistant position. Departments are responsible for granting assistantships and making sure students are registered for this course.

Course Description: The course addresses understanding American undergraduates, classroom practices and environment, microteaching practicum, classroom language, cross-cultural awareness, and classroom management. The course culminates in a video-recorded presentation of the graduate student that is evaluated based on overall comprehensibility and effectiveness in a teaching role.


This workshop is only offered at the beginning of fall semester, so students need to pay close attention to which dates they are registered for. Students can choose either session as they both contain the same course materials. The first session will have a max of 25 students, so if a student needs to take that session, they should plan to enroll quickly. To register, the student needs to click the link provided and enter their A#. This will allow them to self-enroll in the course. They can access course materials via Canvas found at my.usu.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage students to take this course during their first semester at USU.

If you have any questions, reach out to your department’s graduate program coordinator.

This course will take about 24-30 hours to complete.

If you don’t take this course, a hold will be placed on your account and you will not be able to register for classes. In addition, you may become ineligible to fulfill your teaching assistantship assignment and may not receive your teaching assistantship funding.

No. You must first take this course in order to be a teaching assistant or teach your own course. The only exceptions will be determined by your program advisor.

No, you only need to register for one session of the course, as they both offer the same materials. Pick whichever course works better for your schedule.

Students who start in the spring will be given until the fall semester to complete the course, as it is only offered in the fall.

Ask your graduate program coordinator if you are unclear about whether you have a teaching assistantship.

Yes, this course is self-paced. This means that you can work through the online materials during your own time (instead of meeting at specific times). It is expected that you turn in your completed work by the due dates assigned.