Degree requirements vary by department. Consult the Graduate Catalog or contact your GPC to learn about your program’s degree requirements. Before starting your thesis or dissertation research, work with your GPC to complete all necessary academic forms.

Thesis/Dissertation Requirements

Publication Requirements

The Word Template contains editable title pages and front matter.

Thesis/Dissertation Information Session

Thesis/dissertation format information sessions are held several times during the school year for doctoral and MS/MA Plan A students (Plan B student papers are not reviewed by the School of Graduate Studies). These sessions provide a thorough survey of USU thesis/dissertation format requirements and guidelines, journal and other departmental format options, and tools that may be useful in the preparation of a thesis or dissertation including the publication guide.

If you would prefer to view a recording of a thesis/dissertation information session online, one was recorded on March 22, 2019.

Please note: The Graduate School will not review any Theses or Dissertations until the requirements below are met.

Submission Requirements

When you’re done editing your thesis/dissertation and your committee has approved it by signing your title page, have your GPC or departmental reviewer submit it for review to the School of Graduate Studies.

At the same time, you should also submit all of the following documents to your Graduate Program Coordinator/Department Reviewer. Your paper cannot be checked into the School of Graduate Studies queue for review until all of the following forms are completed and submitted, and your GPC has emailed the reviewer indicating that everything is in your file. All papers in the queue are processed in the order in which they are added. Please allow at least three weeks for the initial review of your thesis or dissertation once it has been added to the queue.

If you formatted chapters in accordance with a particular journal, please also submit to the School of Graduate Studies a sample(s) of target journal styles in PDF format.

If you want your thesis/dissertation embargoed, you must submit an Embargo form, and a signed physical copy of your final approved paper to the library along with a binding fee once it has passed the School of Graduate Studies review.

Once your thesis or dissertation has passed the School of Graduate Studies review, no further edits can be made, and it will be submitted to the Library for publication.

You’ll also want to check out final semester information for other deadlines and requirements. Please note that the completion deadline is the date by which your paper needs to have passed the Graduate School review, is signed by the Vice Provost of Graduate Studies, and accepted by the Library for publication.

Once your thesis or dissertation has been finalized by the School of Graduate Studies and the Library, and the School of Graduate Studies will verify that all degree requirements have been met, and will contact you to let you know if anything on the Completion Checklist is incomplete.