Benjamin C Moulton

Benjamin C. Moulton

College of Engineering: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Ben Moulton is a second-year doctoral student in the MAE department. Originally from Oregon, Ben has been interested in engineering since high school. While attending USU as an undergraduate, Ben became involved with the Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Connections developed there spurred Ben on to research and graduate school. Ben graduated with his Bachelors degree in December 2019, and with his Masters degree in August 2021. Ben’s Masters research was funded by the Office of Naval Research, and was focused on control-surface compliant mechanism design for morphing flying-wing experimental aircraft.

Ben’s current research is funded by the Air-Force Research Lab and is focused on control-methodology development for biologically inspired aircraft. Ben loves being engaged in and teaching others about aerodynamics, and plans to pursue a career either with the Air-Force Research Lab or as a professor. With the belief that nothing in school needs to be boring, Ben loves to excite interest in engineering and science through hands on experience and memorable instruction.

Ben lives in Logan with his wife (a fellow Aggie) and two daughters (future Aggies) and loves to read, cook, and spend time with his daughters building marble roller coasters and critiquing aerodynamics concepts presented in children’s cartoons.