Graduate Council

The Graduate Council establishes regulations and standards for graduate study with the approval of the Faculty Senate and advises the vice provost of graduate studies on exceptions or adjustments to policy. Graduate Council members assist with:

  • Reviewing graduate program curriculum proposals: Proposals for new curricula or revisions to existing curricula (R401s) are reviewed and approved by the Graduate Council.
  • Reviewing changes to Graduate School policy: Changes to Graduate School requirements (e.g., admission requirements) are reviewed and approved by the Graduate Council.


The Graduate Council includes one representative from each of the eight colleges/schools, a representative from the Faculty Senate, a representative from the library and the USUSA graduate senator and graduate director, all of whom are voting members. The council is chaired by Dr. Richard Cutler, vice provost of Graduate Studies. An associate vice president for research serves as a non-voting member on the council.

The Graduate Council sends one member as a representative to the Curriculum Committee and one to the Educational Policies Committee.

All college faculty representatives serve four-year terms with two new members elected each year. The Faculty Senate representative is nominated by the Faculty Senate for a two-year term. The graduate students are appointed for one-year terms by the Graduate Student Senate.

Member Representing Email Term End
Jennifer Reeve Agriculture 2021
John Neely  Arts 2024
Chad Albrecht  Business  2022
Shelley Lindauer  Education 2022
Rose Hu  Engineering 2021
Colleen O’Neill  Humanities 2022
Jim Lutz  Natural Resources 2022
Sean Johnson  Science 2023
Jia Zhao  Faculty Senate 2026
Jeanne Davidson  Library 2023
Richard Cutler  Chair, Vice Provost of Graduate Studies  
Niyonta Nahia Chowdhury-Magaña  USUSA Graduate Senator  2022
Brenna Merrill  Graduate Studies Director
Graduate Student Council President 2022
Alexa Sand  Office of Research Non-expiring, Ex officio


The Graduate Council meets monthly during the academic year, typically on the third Wednesday of each month.

Agenda items are due by 5 p.m. on the dates listed below. Meeting agendas are distributed before each meeting.

If you are unable to attend a meeting, please contact Nicholas Berg and provide the name of who will substitute for you.

Meeting Date Agenda Items Due Date
Sept. 21  Sep. 12
Oct. 19  Oct. 10
Nov. 16  Nov. 7
Jan. 18  Jan. 9
Feb. 15  Feb. 6
Mar. 15  Mar. 6
Apr. 19  Apr. 10