About the School of Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies serves as the central administrative body that promotes, supports, and reviews graduate education at Utah State University to ensure consistency and excellence in all graduate degree programs. The School of Graduate Studies works closely and cooperatively with the central administration, the Graduate Council, the Graduate Student Council, colleges and academic departments to provide the best possible intellectual and physical environment for graduate student education.

Our Core Values

These values are established to assist the School of Graduate Studies in accomplishing the mission of Utah State University.


The School of Graduate Studies provides administrative, financial, and professional support for graduate programs and graduate students in all disciplines and on all USU campuses. 


Scholarship and training should be conducted with the highest ethical and regulatory standards. This is particularly important in graduate programs, as they prepare students to serve in professional and leadership roles.

Individual Capacity Development

Faculty, graduate students, and staff should continue to learn how best to conduct research and scholarly activities, to mentor others, and to support graduate education.

Student Engagement

Students will have better educational experiences, leading to better outcomes, if they are fully engaged in their graduate programs, and in their professional, university, and civic communities.

Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility

A diversity of experiences and approaches can strengthen learning and problem-solving. The diversity of our graduate students is enhanced by including, and ensuring accessibility to, students from a broad range of backgrounds, experiences, and approaches to problem-solving.


As a public institution, all USU stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, and the public, should have access to a clear understanding of Graduate School functions and operations.


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