School of Graduate Studies Scholarships

Seely-Hinckley Scholarship

Who: Graduate students with financial need

Funding Amount: Fixed amount of in-state tuition

Duration: One year

No. Available: 8 (1 per college)

Apply Through: College

The Seely-Hinckley Scholarship is intended for outstanding graduate students who face serious financial difficulties. Recipients of the Seely-Hinckley Scholarship receive a fixed amount of in-state tuition (amount may vary depending on availability of funds) and coverage of student fees associated with their approved Program of Study for two semesters. If the recipient is a nonresident student, the School of Graduate Studies will also provide a nonresident tuition award for up to $4,000. 

Each college nominates one student for this scholarship each academic year. Please reach out to your respective college for details on how to apply.

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